With billions of posts on Instagram, it’s hard for your photos to stand out, let alone to build a career as a travel influencer. Editing your photos is a great way to make your photos pop, but it takes a lot of artistry, skill and time. One great way for your photos to stand out while saving you lots of time and money is to use free Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets are great for beginners to achieve professional-looking photos without much effort. Even for professionals, it saves you time by helping you with the major adjustments, leaving you to make fine adjustments for the perfect Instagram-worthy post.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best free Lightroom presets for your photos to save you even more time so that you can focus on shooting and editing your best photos that are going to make you Insta-famous!

The websites listed below require no subscribing, no signing up. Just download and go viral!

We’ll be updating this list periodically, so check back once in a while for the latest free Lightroom presets!

Free Lightroom Mobile presets


Lookfilter free lightroom presets 1

Lookfilter has got hundreds of presets on sale, but they have generously made 16 stunning presets free. 

Lookfilter free lightroom presets 2

Our favourites are Blood BrothersSincerely Yours and Black Mamba.

Alex Iby Photography

Alex is a photographer based in Boston. As a way of thanking his YouTube subscribers, he creates free presets and makes them available for download. Before you download, support him by subscribing to his channel!  

Creative Tacos

This website has tonnes of free presets! The only gripe is that the download does take a while to commence, but hey, you’re getting free stuff, so be patient!

Our favourites are BordeauxFitness Model and Orange and Teal.

Creative Tacos lightroom presets Bordeaux
Creative Tacos lightroom presets fitness model
Creative tacos lightroom presets orange and teal

Presets Galore

Presets galore lightroom presets

Presets Galore has a collection of 23 presets, many of which are low contrast or light and airy.

Presets galore lightroom presets blanch

Our favourites are BlanchAshes of Athens and Introvert.

Presets galore lightroom presets ashes of athens
Presets galore lightroom presets introvert


Photonify free lightroom presets
Photonify lightroom presets dog lovers

Photonify is a photographer’s marketplace and has bundles for sale. Thankfully, they provide free presets for download.

Our favourites are Dog LoversProduct and Santorini

Photonify lightroom presets product
Photonify lightroom presets santorini

Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zeller is a photographer who generously put together a free Lightroom preset pack for Fujifilm user, but everyone else is free to use them as well. This is one of our favourite collection of presets!

Samuel Zeller lightroom presets

Jenna Martin

Jenna Martin is a travel blogger who shares her presets via Google Drive.

Free Lightroom CC presets


Presetpro lightroom CC presets

Preset Pro has 341 results for free Lightroom presets, and some of the results have more than just one preset. There’s so much to go through on this site, but considering the number of gems hidden within, it’s well worth the time going through all 341 of the listing.

Our favourites include NY SkylineIcelandic and Movie Magic.

Adobe (in collaboration with Kelsey)

Adobe Kelsey lightroom CC presets

Adobe collaborated with Kelsey (better known as @kelseyinlondon) to make her signature rose gold preset available for free.

Let us know in the comment section below if you know of great presets that are available for free without the need to provide emails.

Disclaimer: Please be careful when downloading from links that you cannot recognise. We are not responsible for any damages that occur due to your use of this guide.

Featured image from Lookfilter.