Watermelon is fleshy, sweet and great on its own, which is why many people don’t think of adding anything else to it except to simply slice it into pieces or make a glass of juice out of it. But watermelon works great with other ingredients too, especially the savoury ones. Let’s explore some watermelon recipes.


Watermelons make a good appetiser because it’s refreshing, light and juicy.

Watermelon caprese

This is a great introduction to any sceptics who don’t believe that watermelon can play well with savoury ingredients. The light flavours of the fresh mozzarella and basil leaves don’t overwhelm the sweetness of the watermelon, which are, at the same time, accentuated by the tanginess of the balsamic vinegar and savouriness of the salt.

Watermelon caprese
Credit: Allrecipes

Allrecipes has a great watermelon caprese recipe.

Watermelon and goat cheese

Goat cheese can be a little overwhelming when eaten on its own. Whip some of it with milk and top it on some watermelon and you’ll have a creamy, savoury and sweet treat that is not too pungent.

Watermelon goat cheese appetizer
Credit: A Foodcentric Life

A Foodcentric Life shows us how to present this appetiser perfectly.

Serrano ham watermelon bites

Ready for some flavour burst? Adding serrano ham is a simple touch but adds so much complexity to the sweet watermelon pieces.

Serrano watermelon
Credit: CookingLight

CookingLight brings this combination to the next level with serrano chile and balsamic glaze.

Not sure how to pick a watermelon?

Make the best versions of each recipe. Start right by picking the best watermelon you can find.


Are you even surprised? The succulent fruit can be made into soup.

Chilled Watermelon Soup

With a juicy ingredient like watermelon, there’s no need for water in your soup. Plus, the cool soup is perfect for hot summer weather.

Chilled watermelon soup
Credit: The New York Times

The New York Times has a very popular 5-star recipe.

Watermelon gazpacho

Gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup from Spain. The watermelon version adds sweetness to the otherwise tangy and spicy soup.

Watermelon gazpacho
Credit: Food Network

We like Food Network’s version of watermelon gazpacho.

Thai-spiced watermelon soup with crabmeat

For all you adventurous people who don’t mind going through some trouble, here’s one for you. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind trying this for the kick of it.

Thai spiced watermelon soup with crabmeat
Credit: Epicurious

This crazy recipe comes from Epicurious.


Watermelon adds natural sweetness to any salad, but be careful of the water content; it might turn your salad soggy.

Watermelon salad with feta and mint

This refreshing salad is so easy to prepare, you’d be bringing it to every pot luck.

watermelon salad with feta cheese and mint
Credit: Food and Wine

This time-tested recipe from Food and Wine works really well.

Watermelon salad with queso fresco, lime, and cilantro

Mint and feta aren’t the only herb and cheese that play nice with watermelon. This recipe takes on a Mexican twist with cilantro, queso fresco and lime.

watermelon salad with queso fresco lime and cilantro
Credit: Bowl of delicious

Bowl of Delicious shows you how to make it.

Caramelized watermelon salad with pickled jalapeños and gorgonzola

Feeling fancy? Then try this recipe. It’s not only delicious but also a visual treat. The seared sugar-crusted watermelon resembles a seared rare tuna steak. This salad makes a nice vegan meal as well.

Caramelized watermelon salad with pickled jalapenos and gorgonzola
Credit: Food and Wine

Food and Wine shows you how to plate it.

Main course

Bet you didn’t know that watermelon can actually be a main course item.

Roasted Watermelon

It looks like a ham when it’s done, but it really is a watermelon steak.

roasted watermelon
Credit: So Delicious

So Delicious has a mouth-watering recipe.


Watermelon-based desserts are a light and refreshing change from the usual dairy-based desserts. They are lower in calories too, so you can eat more with less guilt.

Sicilian watermelon pudding

When chocolate or bread puddings become too heavy to wrap up your meals, turn to a watermelon pudding for a light yet satisfying finale.

sicilian watermelon pudding
Credit: Food Nouveau

Food Nouveau has a simple recipe.

Watermelon sorbet

What’s the easiest way to make a dessert out of a sweet, juicy fruit? Freeze its juice, of course!

Watermelon sorbet
Credit: The Things We’ll Make

This no-brainer recipe from The Things We’ll Make is so simple, even a 5-year-old can do it.

Strawberry watermelon cake

Ever tried the version from Black Star Pastry in Sydney? If you had, you’re probably already drooling at the thought of it. There’s quite a bit of work cut out for you if you want to make this, but your effort will be well-rewarded.

strawberry watermelon cake
Credit Foodie Folks

The creator of this dessert shared his recipe with Her World magazine.


Watermelon and its watery texture make it perfect for chilled drinks. Plus, with the natural sweetness, you don’t have to worry about added sugar in your drinks.

Watermelon sangria

If you’re one who prefers your sangria on the sweeter side, watermelon makes for a great main ingredient to your drink.

watermelon sangria
Credit: Delish

Delish’s sangria had us guzzling the concoction for a few consecutive weekends.

Watermelon elderflower cocktail

Keep things light and refreshing with some elderflower liqueur, lime juice and cucumber.

watermelon elderflower cocktail
Credit: Life Love and Sugar

Imbibe through the summer with Life Love and Sugar’s recipe.

Frozen watermelon margaritas

The amount of water in watermelon means that it freezes nicely into flavourful ice that you can blend into, say, a margarita.

frozen watermelon margarita
Credit: Delish

Your blender is going to get really busy with this recipe from Delish.